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Krista Noonan

Krista received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario in 2015. Ever since, she has dedicated her life to developing professionally as a teacher. After completing her teaching certification, Krista began her teaching career in Rayong, Thailand, where she taught English, with a specific focus on Phonics, to children of various ages. “The moment I stepped into the classroom, I knew I had chosen the right career. The energy from the students, and the opportunity to watch them develop and grow into unique individuals was the most rewarding experience I could imagine.” Krista made her way to LIS in May of 2016 and has since implemented the Jolly Phonics reading program and founded the LIS Green Team, which has begun transforming LIS into a sustainable and green environment for the students and staff. Krista’s passion and dedication to making the world a better place has a wonderful impact on everyone at LIS and the surrounding community of Koh Samui.

  1. Hi Karista
    my name is Dov and i am trying to get information about the school.
    may we talk over the phone or correspond through the e mail?
    best regards

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